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Welcome to the Jungle

January 3rd, 2004 | by Matt McAllister

Director Peter Berg obviously fancies himself as some kind of misunderstood auteur, for Welcome To The Jungle reaches DVD and

Romper Stomper

January 1st, 2004 | by Matt McAllister

One of the key Australian movies of the last twenty years, Romper Stomper first erupted controversially onto screens back in


January 1st, 2004 | by Matt McAllister

It must surely be obligatory in reviewing any movie based on a Stephen King novel to muse how adaptations of

House of 1000 Corpses

December 18th, 2003 | by Matt McAllister

The much-delayed horror extravaganza from cartoon metal superstar Rob Zombie finally graces our screens, virtually two years after original distributor

Goodbye, Lenin!

October 3rd, 2003 | by Matt McAllister

Wolfgang Becker’s high-concept comedy mines unexpected laughs from the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the results are both clever

Peter Pan

April 26th, 2003 | by Matt McAllister

Starved of emotion and more importantly charm, you have to wonder whether it was director PJ Hogan’s singular intention to

About Schmidt

January 2nd, 2003 | by Matt McAllister

Jack Nicholson, it has to be said, does the whole wide-eyed, crazy routine very well indeed (see The Shining, Anger

28 Days Later

January 1st, 2003 | by Matt McAllister

28 Days Later… (not to be confused with Sandra Bullock rehab comedy 28 Days or you could be in for

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