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The Merchant of Venice

December 3rd, 2004 | by Lizzie Bruce

An all star cast, a renowned director (Michael Radford of Il Postino fame), a Shakespearean script and one of the

Mambo Italiano

September 24th, 2004 | by Lizzie Bruce

Mambo Italiano had me laughing out loud. Even the stereotyping was endearing rather than irritating. Witty and fresh it differed

Open Water

August 27th, 2004 | by Lizzie Bruce

The ending was good. But I’m not allowed to tell you about it. All I can say is it was

Bad Education

May 21st, 2004 | by Lizzie Bruce

Typically alternative this high camp trannie-fest is a return to his early filmmaking form for Almodovar, after the more sober

The Butterfly Effect

April 13th, 2004 | by Lizzie Bruce

Life-defining moments, eh? Alas, we’ve all had them. Just think what could have happened if I’d said, “yeah, I missed

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