Sexy Killer Review

Beautiful, brash and deadly – the sexy killer of the title is unafraid of loving and leaving the boys for dead in a fun movie which starts off as a kitsch and off-the-wall tale of a high school killing spree, then does a From Dusk Till Dawn a little over halfway through to warp the film toward the horror genre. The change of direction is just as surprising and adds an extra dollop of pure entertainment to provide a quirky finale to an already unashamedly disposable scenario.

Barbara (Gomez) is a superficial fashion queen at an exclusive university who dreams of being a living embodiment of her favourite doll, Cindy Superstar. Her butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth eyes and childish innocence mask a more sinister, psychotic side, however: while she should be seeking a real-life equivalent of Cindy’s plastic partner, Glenn, Barbara finds herself compelled to ruthlessly slaughter anyone she’s left alone with – especially after a little action in the bedroom. For this messed up teenager, she just can’t help herself even when the increasing number of dead bodies is raising concerns with the police detectives.

Told with wit and references to popular culture, Miguel Marti’s movie sees Barbara incessantly talk to the camera, explain how to kill a guy in simple steps a la a self-help video and generally dismiss any concerns about her health with a shrug of the shoulders. Serious Sexy Killer is not, and it’s all the better for it as she nudges a tied up feeble sexual partner out the window to his doom. You probably wouldn’t like Barbara as a real person, but this plastic incarnation is like a product of modern culture’s obsession with the most beautiful people and the most sickening ones – her aloofness represents the shallow society we live in and does it with style.

She eventually meets a man keen to treat her like a lady and one she might just tame her wild ways for, only to find a machine he has been working on to translate thoughts and brainwaves into images can reanimate the dead. Cue a surprise finale which eschews Sexy Thriller from a teenage serial killer flick to a generic horror action and an explosive finale.

It’s not often the Spanish go for such an outlandishly violent and silly style of film, this is more inkeeping with Japanese aesthetics, though if it had come from Asia it would have been lost in the abundance of similar stories seen before and probably lacking that campy European edge which makes Sexy Killer so much less serious and a lot more enjoyable. Barbara has her charms as the anti-heroine and its great fun rooting for such a blatantly outrageous nasty piece of work, then when the twist arrives writer Paco Cabezas caps off the film with an refreshing change of direction which echoes Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn to give a splatterfest climax. Pure entertainment from start to finish.

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