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Published August 27th, 2005 | by Raam Tarat

No Entry Review

Classification: PG Director: Anees Bazmee Rating: 2/5

Bollywood has had a penchant for producing risque comedies of late, the genre yielding über-colourful No Entry as its latest offering. Seasoned comedy writer Anees Bazmee has directed this mish-mash of Seven Year Itch and last year’s Masti, yet it’s more Carry On kitsch than astute satire. A comedy of errors it tells the story of married friends, devoted Kishen (Anil) and womanizing Prem (Salman). When Editor Kishen and roving hack Sunny (Fardeen) try to catch Prem in one of his many adulterous liaisons, he decides to teach them a lesson. A sultry one, in the form of Bobby (Bipasha) a tempestuous dancer he hires to seduce Kishen.

It seems for Kishen telling the truth and being a good husband (to his suspicious wife) simply begets him more grief, whilst Prem’s mantra of adultery and lies makes for a merry ride. As everyone tries to pass off seductress Bobby as the next person’s wife, the satire scales new heights of absurdity. The A-listers gathered for this white knuckle ride seem to be having a ball in this light and frothy caper. It’s a no-brainer with some lush locales [Mauritius, South Africa] striking babes [three beauty queens] and a nonsensical script. But the beauty lies in its tightly knit script and swift pace, from gag to musical interlude to breezy situations; it’s consistent enough to keep you interested, and doesn’t let up. In fact it doesn’t give you time to question logic…

I’m still yet to fathom why on earth Kishen would want to have an affair, with his wife Kajal being played by former Miss Universe Lara Dutta!! A case of mis-casting perhaps? Bipasha, Lara and Celina ooze sex appeal and oomph from their miniscule costumes and dancing ditties, and Bollywood’s perennial badboy and shirtless wonder Salman Khan pretty much plays his real self on screen.

There are a lot of laughs to be had, especially in Sunny’s wedding scene, the hilarious climax, and every scene with lecherous politico Boman Irani. Thankfully it isn’t overtly sexual or full of double entendres [well, apart from Celina’s micro hot pants, or Bipasha shakin’ her booty..] but delivers gags thick and fast. This is a playful Bollywood bonanza, with more marquee stars than you can fit in a frame. They also seem to have an Ocean’s Twelve smarminess about them, though seem a tad more sincere in their efforts to entertain. Be it the babes or the pranks, you’ll walk out with a smile.

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