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Published December 3rd, 2004 | by Johan De Silva

Blade 3: Trinity Review

Classification: 15 Director: David Goyer Rating: 1/5

Based on the vampire hunter character by Marvel Comics this is the third and final film in the Blade series starring Wesley Snipes. Blade now comes with a few friends who call themselves Nightstalkers. These Nightstalkers help to advertise Apple Computers and also kill vampires when they are not too busy downloading music!

One of the most notable characters in the Nightstalkers was Ryan Reynolds from the very funny “Van Wilder” films and even though in Blade the gags are poor he always manages to make the worst joke sound funny. The other notable character (mainly for the lads) was Jessica Biel (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) who sported a very cool looking bow and a weapon that looked like a cross between a Klingon melee type weapon and a light sabre. She also sports some lovely figure hugging t-shirts.

The general audience reaction in the cinema was good, but bare in mind the majority had been around fifteen years old and the odd mature type did leave before the ending. Frankly I wish I could have left myself. The script was terrible and insulting to our intelligence and really badly acted as a result. The special effects had been pretty good and there are no slow bits.

The box office of the franchise with Blade II earning $81.6 million in 2002. For this reason Blade 3 had been made to be even more commercial! Sponsorship from Apple Computers in my opinions was on all time piss take and approaching the final climatic battle scene Jessica Biel’s characters was downloading music on her Apple laptop then transferring it onto her I-Pod with the distinctive white earphones and cables that really show up against the black clothing (I was surprised she did not have it with her in the shower scene with the optional water proof case!).

This was after all the old IBM PC’s had been blown up at the start of the film and ho ho ho! Blade’s new friends had shiny new I-Mac’s and you can see excellent camerawork showing of the transparency of the funky mouse.

Despite many actions scenes Blade 3 is very boring and is one of the worst films ever made.

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