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The Life of David Gale

Jan 1st, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

Fade up to a panoramic, low angle shot of the parched and dusty Texas countryside, a car racing across the


Jan 1st, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

L.I.E is a film that you can’t trust: what do I mean by this? I will explain below. L.I.E is

The Pledge

Jan 1st, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

The Pledge stands as proof that very fine actors can adopt the role behind the camera and produce work shot

David Storr

Nov 7th, 2002 | by Nik Huggins

25-year-old David Storr is the 2002 winner of the Nike Young Directors’ Award. His three-minute film “Every Night I Go

Richard Kelly

Oct 22nd, 2002 | by Nik Huggins

On Monday the 21st October 2002 the Future Movies team had the rare and exclusive opportunity to interview Richard Kelly,

My Little Eye

Oct 4th, 2002 | by Nik Huggins

The millennial cult of reality TV has dominated broadcasting schedules around the globe in recent years, quenching our voyeuristic desires

The Goonies

Jan 1st, 2002 | by Nik Huggins

Future Movies takes a look back at one of the all time classic kids movies of the 80’s… Think shocking

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