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Young Adam

Sep 26th, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

A complex tale simply told, Young Adam looks set to become British Cinema’s major critical triumph for 2003. Early buzz,

Joseph Pisano

Sep 7th, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

Joseph Pisano has made award winning shorts – most recently with Jason Isaacs (“The Patriot”, “Black Hawk Down”, “The Tuxedo”)

Calendar Girls

Sep 5th, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

Calendar Girls has just about enough charm to snare you exactly where it wants you. You can tolerate all the

Belleville Rendez-Vous

Aug 29th, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

The complete antithesis of everything Disney stands for, Belleville Rendezvous (known as Les Triplettes de Belleville on its original release

Every Night I Go Running

Aug 7th, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

David Storr’s “Every Night I Go Running”, stands at the head of three extremely interesting and effective short films. Each

Dark Blue

Jul 1st, 2003 | by Nik Huggins

The crime thriller, like the western, is an American genre Par Excellence. Films centred on the cat and mouse tension

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