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Sin City

Jun 2nd, 2005 | by Johan De Silva

A sprawling savage beast of a portmanteau film, Sin City is three loosely connected stories based on Frank Miller’s comic

The Brown Bunny

Feb 1st, 2005 | by Johan De Silva

Ambivalence has engulfed this film; Vincent Gallo’s second feature following his acclaimed black comedy ‘ Buffalo 66’. An incomplete version


Jan 6th, 2005 | by Johan De Silva

Mike Nichols has directed some classics (Catch 22, The Graduate, Working Girl) and some turkeys (Wolf, Regarding Henry). With Closer

American Pie 4: Band Camp

Jan 1st, 2005 | by Johan De Silva

“There was never an American Pie 4” I said to a friend who handed me the DVD to my amazement.

Chris Farmer Art Director

Jan 1st, 2005 | by Johan De Silva

A freelance art director and production designer, Chris Farmer was born in Guildford, and lived for a time in London

Blade 3: Trinity

Dec 3rd, 2004 | by Johan De Silva

Based on the vampire hunter character by Marvel Comics this is the third and final film in the Blade series

The Forgotten

Nov 26th, 2004 | by Johan De Silva

The neglected bastard offspring of The X Files and The Sixth Sense, The Forgotten tries for the twists and thrills

Natural City

Jan 1st, 2004 | by Johan De Silva

Natural City is an ambitious Korean science fiction tribute to Bladerunner with a well managed budget of only 6 million

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