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Rachel Bilson

Interview with Rachel Bilson who plays Kim in The Last Kiss and who first became a style icon in The O.C.

Do you know people who are like your character, Kim?

Rachel Bilson: Yeah. I think I know the girl. She’s a typical college girl but then she’s attracted to this older guy so there is more going on with her. Most college girls are just trying to date the frat guy but she wants to be a little bit more mature and adult in a way – that’s all.

She is the ‘other woman’ but you don’t want her to come across as being too much of a bad girl…

Rachel Bilson: Exactly

But you are also a seductress…

Rachel Bilson: Yeah. That’s the whole point. I mean, because she is the other woman in this case, it was important to make her as likeable as possible. You don’t want to be thought of as the bad guy. It was really important to paint that picture.

Could you relate to her?

Rachel Bilson: Sure . I can relate to her. Finding a guy that you are completely infatuated with and kind of just doing everything you can to get it. Though I wouldn’t have done exactly what she did!

So, you wouldn’t cross the line?

Rachel Bilson: No. I wouldn’t cross the line and I wouldn’t pursue it like she would. But you defiantly do your own thing. I would properly ignore him but that would be my way of trying to get the guy.

What do you think it says about morality? She isn’t really doing anything that’s wrong. He is the one with the moral dilemma.

Rachel Bilson: Yeah. That’s definitely true. I really believe that they’re both at fault in a way because there are two sides to everything and it always takes two and all of that (laughs) but I think with The Last Kiss there are a lot of moral dilemmas. There are a lot of things being dealt with – especially in his case. But I just think that they are both at fault.

This is your first movie and first sex scene. It’s not explicit but it’s certainly a very sexual moment in the movie. Were you concerned about that, especially considering you have this young fan base that watches the OC?

Rachel Bilson: No. Not at all. It was personal thing for me to not show…


Rachel Bilson: Nudity – yeah. But I think it was an important for the movie and if I’m committed to a role in a movie I will do whatever calls for it. But it was done in a tasteful way and Zach was very respectful (laughs).

Zach was very involved with the soundtrack, did you know any of the artists? Did you suggest some of the songs?

Rachel Bilson: Yeah. I’m a fan of all of them. Imogen Heap’s song (Hide & Seek) – that was from Josh Schwartz – the creator of The OC. He introduced me to that song.

Why has it taken until now to make the move from TV to movies?

Rachel Bilson: I was approached with movie roles, but not that many. They definitely type cast you as your character on TV and they want you to do teen movies and things like that so it was really important for me to wait and be patient until the right one came along. And I really worked for it, I auditioned and I really wanted this role.

On The OC, your character Summer is a bit of a style icon…

Rachel Bilson: Thanks (laughs)

Do you have a stylist?

Rachel Bilson: You know in this business I think everyone needs somebody like a stylist to find clothes for you when you have all these events because you can’t shop that much and you’re not going to buy all these gowns for thousands of dollars. I definitely pick out what I want. No one dresses me. One of my best friends is a stylist so it works out perfectly.

Who do you look up to fashion wise?

Rachel Bilson: I have always admired Kate Moss because she has always been true to herself and tried new things and doesn’t really care about what other people think. Sometimes the outfits she puts together are creative art pieces. But I also respect people like Diane Keaton who is always an individual and I think it’s important to have individuality in your fashion sense – you want to be different to everyone else.

How would you describe your style?

Rachel Bilson: I am a vintage fan through and through. Mix a little designer in there. You know. It’s kind of an expressive way of showing who I am. My style is, I don’t know, my style changes.

Do designers send you free clothes?

Rachel Bilson: Sometimes I’m lucky enough to get presents and it’s really great. You know, it’s a thing that people do if they want to have something photographed and what not – I’m like – sure I’ll take it – it’s nice to get presents.

Since this movie is called The Last Kiss, do you remember your first kiss?

Rachel Bilson: Yes. My first real kiss was behind the school library. I was in 6th grade – about 11 or 12.

What can you tell about someone from a kiss?

Rachel Bilson: I think kissing can be more intimate than a lot of other things and you can tell a lot you know when you first kiss a person – if its there you know it by a kiss. I really believe that.

What will you never understand about men?

Rachel Bilson: Laughs. I think there’s lots. I don’t know! Why do they just get so mad over the littlest things? I don’t mean at you but just the frustration – like the screaming – in the car and the road rage.

Have you had bad kisses?

Rachel Bilson: Yeah. Of course, you have your fair share of both. As long as there’s not too much saliva involved. Just enough. You don’t want to be swallowing you know, too much yuck stuff!

How was it being the youngest person on set?

I never felt like the youngest actor because we all hung out and partied.

Your character in the film is very spontaneous and honest –are you and your friends like this in real life?

Yeah. Well in the movie I like that she is 19 but comes across a little older but is carefree. There is nothing really standing her in a way. I think in my generation everyone is an individual and can be spontaneous with lots of things.

What do you think about teenagers seeing you as a role model and wanting to emulate your look?

It’s flattering but also you can’t say to yourself ‘I’m a role model’ and plan your every move.

Is acting something you’ve always wanted to do?

Yeah. Definitely. But I didn’t really choose that until I was old enough to decide.

Why did you wait so long to take it up full time?

I did plays and I had so much fun and my father comes from the business and said, you know I think you should try it – it seems like you really love it, and I did. So I did but I didn’t really get serious about it until a few years ago.

If you weren’t acting what would you be doing?

A pre school teacher.

You are featured in lots of magazines and people write about you doing the most mundane things. How do you put that in perspective?

Well for me I don’t have it nearly as bad as a lot of other girls out there. You can’t really let it get it to you. You know that it’s a part of the job and you leave it at that. It’s inevitable…

How much pressure does that attention put on a relationship. Especially if everywhere you go people are tying to take pictures of you?

I just think it’s important to lay low – because what’s personal to you – you want to keep personal because everything else of you is so exposed.

So how do you protect yourself?

You just don’t go to certain places!

Are you dating, single?

I’m not commenting.

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